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The Artemis Story

Relationship Focused. Service Driven Purpose.

Years after purchase, many life insurance customers have no understanding of their policy coverage, how to review, or who to call for advice. Unfortunately, a challenge that has become accepted as industry standard and all too commonplace.


Advisors and their clients are often without objective advice

and trusted relationships in the life insurance industry.

A professional in life insurance for seventeen years, Anne views insurance as an asset. She focuses not only on the purchase process but the ongoing monitoring and administration of a policy — a perspective she has long felt is missing amongst the industry. Service and support are the foundation of the business she was driven to create and fundamental to building long-lasting relationships with advisors and their clients.

With an advisory perspective and determination to

change the conversation about insurance,

Artemis Partners was formed in 2021.

Recognizing of a need in the marketplace, together with the core belief that life insurance is not a point-in-time transaction but a dynamic asset requiring ongoing service, an independent advisory firm was built with a dedication to doing things differently. Artemis Partners serves as the trusted Advisor to the Advisor, tailoring sophisticated life insurance solutions integrated into comprehensive planning.

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